SimplyFit-Otago® Balance Retraining and Falls Prevention

The Simply Companies' SimplyFit-Otago® Falls Prevention Program, based on the Otago Medical School Falls Prevention Program, is the first program of its kind implemented by a US Healthcare provider. This New Zealand based program was endorsed by the US Centers for Disease and Control in 2008 as one of only six geriatric falls prevention programs with enough evidence to prove its effectiveness in reducing falls. 

Using 1000 community dwelling people with an average age of 84, the test group showed a 35% reduction in falls when compared to a control group. We enhanced the basic New Zealand program by adding objective monthly strength performance tests that tell us when to safely add weights and/or additional routines.

Fall Prevention Research

SimplyFit-Otago® has been in place in Chicago area independent, skilled nursing and assisted and supportive living facilities for the past three years.  We have been conducting structured research using control and test groups, and have results showing a 52% reduction in falls and fall related hospital visits.

Community Based Version

If you are an ILF or ALF in our 10-county service area, training and support on the program is free and you have the option of us training and certifying your staff or us providing the trained staff. If you are outside our service area we will train, monitor and support your staff via SKYPE and/or face-to-face visits for a first year fee of only $1000. Training starts by having the person assigned to lead the sessions take an open book test while reading 40 pages of research articles that describe the science used in this program The two minute video above shows an actual group session in a CCRC in which the average age of the participants is 94. All of these folks either stopped falling or never started falling, thanks to this program.

Skilled Nursing Facility Version

We offer a 6 day a week version of the SimplyFit-Otago® program that also qualifies as a restorative nursing program. It includes range of motion exercises 3 days/week and resistance exercises the other 3 days of the week. We test strength measurements in the 5 key muscle groups used to resist falling. The proprietary data from the program is produced in a monthly spreadsheet for the facility management team.