Bringing a Complete Wellness Program to Senior Facilities

Simply Home Health’s Unique Falls Prevention Program

Our nurses, therapists and exercise techs bring a complete wellness program to assisted and independent living facilities. This program includes quarterly assessments for risk of falling and other ailments such as high blood pressure/sugar levels and a 3-day a week highly interactive group exercise program. Through extensive human research we have improved a PRE (Progressive Resistance Exercise) program that was developed and tested in New Zealand by the Otago Medical School. Our improved version produced a 54% reduction in falls when tested for a full year at an assisted living facility. This program rebuilds and maintains strength in five key muscle groups through the use of ankle weights that are increased as the measured strength of the lower body increases. We provide the staff to conduct both the monthly strength measurements and the quarterly fall risk assessments while we train facility staff on how to safely lead this 3-day a week program.

Program and Agency Receive Recognition in the Press

Simply Home Health is the only healthcare provider in the US that conducts human research aimed at predicting and reducing falls among the residents of senior facilities. An article published in November of 2014 that describes our research efforts can be read at

No Medicare Annual Limits on Therapy

Home Health Therapy is a standalone Medicare account that has no annual limits, co-pays or deductibles as long as the resident meets Medicare’s definition of homebound which is “needs the assistance of a device or another person to safely leave home”. Unlike Part-B providers like Genesis, Health-Pro and Rehab Care Group, we never have to tell a resident that uses a cane or walker that their Medicare benefits for therapy have run out.

What is the Secret to our Success?

We are one of the fastest growing non-hospital owned home health agencies in Illinois because we keep people healthy by delivering “preventative medicine” to senior facilities, not “reactive medicine” like most other agencies.