The Simply Companies in the News

July 2015   Long Term Living Magazine published an article that described the results of the 18-month strength rebuilding project at the skilled nursing facility in Skokie. The article also contained a case study written by the daughter of a participant who was previously wheelchair bound and had not been able to sit-to-stand on her own in over 3 years.  After 7 months of 3-day a week use of ankle weights as part of the enhanced AROM program, this resident had regained enough strength to be able to sit-to-stand and walk on her own. A link to the article is

April 2015   LeadingAge of Illinois selected Simply Home Health and Bob Kunio to give one of its Campfire sessions.  The session, entitled Reducing Falls in your Senior Community, included an explanation of Sarcopenia and a demonstration of the exercise routines that have been proven to reduce or reverse the effects of Sarcopenia.

November 2014 – Simply Home Health and RMS (Rehabilitation Medicine Specialists) announced a formal co-marketing agreement in which physician consultation services and rehab services will be offered as a complete package to skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. RMS is a team of 6 highly trained physicians who have completed residences or fellowships in rehab and/or pain management. RMS and SimplyRehab will offer these combined services to skilled nursing facilities while RMS and Simply Home Health will offer these services to assisted living facilities.

October 2014 – An article written by Jason Oliva that described the 54% reduction in falls that was measured in our 12-month research project that tested PRE (Progressive Resistance Exercise) at a SLF in Bolingbrook, IL was published on-line.  Both Senior Housing News and Home Health News carried the article two weeks apart. The link to this article is

January 2014  – The falls research project at a SNF in Skokie completed 18 months with good results. This project, which has integrated PRE (Progressive Resistance Exercise) into the 6-day a week restorative program, is showing significant measured improvements in strength as well as reduced falls among 18 long term residents who attend frequently.

August 2013 – Robert Kunio presented at the AASC (American Association of Service Coordinators) annual conference in Indianapolis.

May 2013 – Robert Kunio and the Executive Director of a 240-bed skilled nursing facility presented the preliminary results of the enhanced AROM (Range of Motion) portion of the restorative program at this skilled nursing facility using PRE.  Five wheel chair bound residents showed an average 29% increase in lower body strength after 44 PRE sessions while 9 residents who primarily used rollators showed a 10% increase in lower body strength after 41 sessions. A reduction in falls had already been noted for the frequent participants but the above 9 test subjects are not yet considered a statistically significant sampling.  More residents will be added toward the goal of achieving statistical significance.

December 2012  – The Simply Companies participated in the American Health Front Chicago television production in which a two-minute video of our program was part of a 30 minute healthcare special that aired on the local FOX station on December 16.

October 2012  – Robert Kunio spoke at the LSN senior living conference in Lisle, IL.

September 2012  – Robert Kunio spoke at the national convention of the AASC (American Association of Service Coordinators) in Washington, DC. Mr. Kunio’s talk described our group PRE program and was entitled “Why older adults fall and what can we do about it” and covered the research results discussed below.

May 2012 – At the Life Services Network annual meeting in Chicago, The Simply Companies shared the results of the 12-month Falls Prevention Study at the BMA Management facility in Bolingbrook, Illinois. The 23 person test group that participated in the 3-day a week exercise program showed substantially fewer fall related hospital visits than those in the randomly chosen 24-person control group. After applying an “opportunity to fall” weighting factor that adjusted for fallers moving from the control group to the test group, the weighted fall reduction over the 12-month period came out to 54%.

April 2012 – SimplyRehab and a large Chicago area SNF launched a study of a restorative version of the SimplyFit-Otago©  falls prevention program in which the 3-day a week PRE (progressive resistance exercise) program was integrated into the AROM (active range of motion) portion of the facility’s restorative program.

February 2012  – Simply Home Health’s research on using fall risk assessment tools every 3 to 4 months to predict who would fall was featured by the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) as the cover story in the winter newsletter of the home health section.

January 2012 – Simply Home Health submitted a $2 million proposal to CMS as part of the CMS Innovative Challenge. Letters of support for the project were received from Congressman Mike Quigley, Congresswoman Judy Biggert and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. Letters of support were also received from Life Services Network and the Affordable Assisted Living Coalition. However, this proposal was rejected by CMS along with 3000 proposals. Only 65 were selected for funding.

December 2011 – Simply Home Health submitted, and was granted, a trademark on the term SimplyFit-Otago©. The unique aspect of the services associated with this trademark is the time based strength measurement technique that avoids fatigue while giving an accurate numeric figure for a frail person’s strength and stamina.

November 2011 – Robert Kunio, CEO of Simply Home Health, gave a one hour CE approved presentation on Falls Prevention to the Illinois Chapter of NASW (National Association of Social Workers) at their down town Chicago offices. The presentation was streamed live to several members and a video of it was put on the chapter website.

September 2011 – Simply Home Health, and Robert Kunio, were granted Illinois licenses as CE (continuing education) sponsors for both nurses and social workers.

March 2011 – At the Life Services Network annual meeting in Chicago, SimplyRehab and CJE-Senior Life shared the results of the two-year Falls Prediction Study. A significant conclusion was that the transition from non-faller to faller could be predicted on a timely basis with quarterly fall risk assessments. We also announced the testing of a supervised group version of the 3-day a week Otago Balance Retraining Program.

February 2011 - SimplyRehab and BMA Management of Bradley, Illinois have agreed to stage a privately funded human research project to determine if a supervised version of the Otago balance retraining exercise program can be adapted to this type of population. The study will count falls and fall related hospital visits of a test group at this facility and compare these to falls of a randomly chosen control group of similar size.

January 2011 – Simply Home Health of Illinois received its Medicare certification by passing its initial survey with the Joint Commission.

November 2010 – SimplyRehab and CJE-Senior life, gave a one contact hour CE approved presentation of our Falls Prediction and Prevention research study at the Supportive Living Success conferences in Springfield, IL on November 16 and in Woodridge, IL on November 18. Over 220 nurses who work in or survey supportive living facilities were in attendance.

March 2010 – Long Term Living Magazine has published an article authored by our Chief Operating Officer entitled "Measuring Clinical Decision Making Skills" in its March 2010 edition. The article is at and shares one of SimplyRehab’s clinical interviewing methods used to ensure that all therapists use consistent decision making criteria when performing evaluations.

January 2010 – SimplyRehab provided a progress report on its Falls Prediction and Prevention Study being conducted at the CJE-Senior life assisted living facility in Illinois. Over 100 residents agreed to be tested as part of the next gait and balance assessment cycle.

October 25, 2008 - SimplyRehab sponsored a successful 7 Hour CE approved session at the Sheraton Hotel in Arlington Heights, Illinois called "ASSESSING AND TREATING THE COGNITIVELY IMPAIRED OLDER ADULT". Over 50 people attended with excellent feedback from all.

April 4, 2008 - The Chief Operating Officer of SimplyRehab, Robert Kunio, spoke on benchmarking the performance of therapy departments at LSN's spring conference at Navy Pier in Chicago. The one hour presentation was well attended and included the case study describing how SimplyRehab has used benchmarking to identify best (and worst) practices and how it institutionalizes these best practices through training.

November 2007 - SimplyRehab was featured in the cover story of NursingHomes Magazine. This article discussed how the company's use of benchmarking and its dedication to sharing best practices has produced state-of-the-art treatment strategies that produce both better patient outcomes and higher facility reimbursement. A link to this article